There are few I-Ching (Yi-Jing, 易經) programs available, but none seemed to fit well with Gnome/GTK+ neither allow internationalization. That program is here to fill that gap, and after the first release is out this might offer more...

Content-oriented details are:

Programming-oriented details are:


This is currently a beta version, moving quickly to a first release. An obligatory screenshot (Nov. 10th, 2007) can be found below

screenshot - alpha version


. The version 0.1-beta is available here


One will not that the current version is centered around Wilhem's translation, as available on wikipedia. While reading more, this did not appear to be the right way to proceed. As soon as the first release is through, there will be changes on that front. Should you be interested in the developments or in translating, please feel free to write me.